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Enhance your security with our advanced CCTV and biometric access control systems.

Security System Network (CCTV and Biometric Access Control)

With IDNNG’s CCTV & Access Control solutions, security concerns for offices, superstores, financial institutions, parking garages, hotels/restaurants, and homes have become a thing of the past. The solutions we provide are sophisticated and available in analog and IP-based systems. You will be able to monitor without boundaries and keep records of activities (video and audio) as desired.

Biometric Access Control (Fingerprint Biometrics)

Today, biometric security devices do much more than authentication: they also provide the right level of security at the exact places needed and can dynamically adjust the level of authentication necessary for ever-changing threat levels. These capabilities only increase in importance as modern physical access control systems also begin to converge with other building management and communication devices. To manage employees, visitors, and contractors better and protect important areas — executive floors, data centres, and research labs — more companies are deploying physical security systems, video surveillance cameras, and time and attendance systems. Examples include but are not limited to fingerprint, palm veins, face recognition, DNA, palm print, hand geometry, iris recognition, retina, and odour/scent.

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