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Ensure constant power availability with our reliable, uninterrupted power backup solutions.

Even the most advanced computer network is unproductive without constant, uninterrupted power. We know and understand this and offer a range of power backup solutions that ensure power is always available for all network equipment. We provide UPS systems for short, temporary intermediate power supply when power supplied from the PHCN national grid goes out. The temporary power provided by the UPS systems only lasts about 30 minutes, giving the client time to provide alternate power from a generator.

The unsustainability of PHCN’s power supply leaves customers with no choice but to run diesel-powered generators for extended periods. The high price of diesel can create a large overhead for customers in the long run. Our backup services portfolio includes an inverter system (Outback Power TM system Inverters) with a battery bank that can provide up to 16 hours of uninterrupted power supply.

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